Mouse That Fight Against Weasel

Weasel and mouse from the first never got along and always hostile to one another. In every war, weasel and mouse always win lose the war has always been a weasel prey. Out of desperation, the Mouse held a big meeting and discussed so that the next war could be won them. At the meeting, they concluded that the mouse forces often lose out because they do not have a squad leader. Then formed and instituted a set of generals and leaders of the army of rats seem able to lead the troops.

To distinguish the rank of commanders, generals and soldiers, these new leaders proudly binding his head with badges and ornaments of feathers and straw. After a long preparation and training in the art of war, the mouse sends troops to weasel challenge.
weasel gladly accepted the challenge because they are always ready to fight when their prey is at hand. They immediately attacked the troops mouse in large numbers. In an instant, the line mouse are scattered and they ran away to save themselves. mouse with low rank army, hiding easily fit into a rat hole, but their leaders is hard to get into the narrow hole as jewelry attached on top of their heads. That's when they end up dying and being prey to a hungry weasel.

Rank and greatness, it does not mean weakness.
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